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EverythingELSE is Marketing:
The Ultimate Strategy for Naturopathic Practice Growth

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EverythingELSE is Marketing takes you step by step through building your successful practice revealing how everything you say or do communicates a message to your patients; Anca shows how even little changes to your marketing can have a big impact, exploring topics like:

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I first met Dr Anca soon after she had opened her practice; so full of energy and enthusiasm. Can you imagine the dismay that I felt when I heard of her sudden and staggering medical problems?

But an amazing thing truly happened: what would have brought the average person to their knees, literally and figuratively; only made Anca determined to stand taller. Her adversity had forged a determination that was literally life-changing; you only have to meet this remarkable woman to see her "true grit".

Having taught Practice Management/Development at the two Canadian naturopathic medical schools spanning 25 years, I have developed a good idea of what is involved in setting-up and developing a practice.

What Dr Anca has prepared is nothing less than a gourmet buffet of highly nutritious "food-for-thought" and "practice-fitness" recommendations, condensed from her own experiences and researched from a long list of successful entrepreneurial minds.

The focus in on marketing, which is the bread-and-butter for any cash-based practice. There is a common saying I have often heard: "if I can come away from a seminar or after reading a book with just one good thing that I can apply Monday morning and will make a difference in my practice, then it will have been worth the investment of time, money and energy.

Well, I can say that I'd be totally surprised if this book doesn't fill up every one of your Mondays for the next few years. So, unless you already have a waiting list practice, you need to read this book. Find that key that will put you at the top of the list when your future patients are looking for natural health care.

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